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Dard & Ribo / Saint-Joseph Rouge 2013

Rock stars who kept dragging and playing aggressive tunes when they were young, finally are playing acoustic live.

I liked hard rock and heavy metal before, but recently, I feel comfortable with jazz music.

Dard & Ribo is quite an interesting example of the Natural Wine Domaine that does not have succession or change of generations for a long time. I think that there was the boundary between the rock era and the unplugged era around 15 years ago for them, I appreciate my fortune that I could see at that moment and know both eras.

Saint-Joseph Rouge 2013 has the nice acid that is supple and dignified, therefore, it recalls a feminine image to me. Even in the same word as Syrah, in the case of a stereotypical way of thinking, the language is different. Of course, I don’t mean to say good or bad, though.

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Jérôme Jouret / La Clé des Champs 2014

I often hear of red wine with clean acid and elegance as “Like a Pinot Noir”, it is rough and shows a small amount of vocabulary and shallow understanding, so I don’t want to hear so much.

“Like a Burgundy …” as well.

However, I think myself was also saying such a thing a long time ago.

In a remote corner of Ardèche, which never goes up to the story of the potential of terroir, I’m always wondering how Jérôme Jouret can produce such sophisticated and complicated wines with deep and various expressions.

La Clé des Champs 2014, Chardonnay, has beautiful, elegant and nostalgic flavour. There is no point in regard to variety, but there are few opportunities to say like this with Chardonnay.

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